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Video calling over 3G from the Apple iPhone 4 is now possible

Mobile phone application developer Fring has brought out an iPhone 4 application that enables video calling on the latest Apple handset over 3G, where Apple’s iOS 4 only natively offers video calling over WIFI.

A company that’s well known for combining instant messaging from Google Talk, MSN messenger, Skype, AIM, Facebook into one application has now made use of the front facing camera of the iPhone 4.

Their latest software allows a FaceTime experience, not only over WIFI but over the regular data network used by the mobile and not just to fellow iPhone 4 users either. Fring’s software also allows video calling to other Fring users, whether they are using Android handsets or even Nokia phones.

The application also makes use of the multitasking ability of the iOS 4, by always running in the background where it can be instantly called up.

Another feature of the new software is the ‘Social Stream’, where all tweets, facebook updates, chats and calls are all presented in chronological feed. This operates in the much the same way as the Sony Ericsson Android TimeScale social networking app, only that just shows Facebook and Twitter feeds.

See the video below for a demonstration.

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