Will I have to wear eyeglasses whenever I watch my 3D TV?

No, you won't. You only need to wear the active shutter glasses when you want to enjoy 3D Blu-ray or TV broadcasts. If you fancy curling up on the sofa and enjoying an episode of EastEnders in 2D, you can leave the glasses off.

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Likewise, every 3D Blu-ray disc contains both 3D and standard 2D versions of the movie, so you can choose to watch the 2D version without your glasses if you wish.

When you choose 3D content from Blu-ray, the television's HDMI 1.4 connection automatically senses it and switches into 3D mode. Sky 3D HD boxes don't yet support automatic flipping, so you'll have to switch manually by pressing a button on the TV remote.

But in addition to thrilling 3D TV and movie playback, Panasonic 3D plasma TVs will let you get the best out of ordinary TV broadcasts and DVDs too. The 50in VT20 has won awards including Best Product at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

The VT20's Infinite Contrast Pro technology produces rich, dark blacks and vibrant colour. So you'll be sure to enjoy the experience with glasses - or without.