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Yahoo Launches News Blog The Upshot

News blog The Upshot was launched this week by IT giant Yahoo, according to a report on Tuesday by technology site TechCrunch.

Writing on his blog, Upshot Editor Andrew Golis said that the blog is based on Yahoo’s search engine, and that it is designed "to cut through the noise and misinformation and get to the heart of what's important and why."

He wrote: "We'll be fast, getting information to you as a story breaks and then sticking with it until the end. In the best tradition of blogging, we'll often tell you about the great work done by our competitors and recommend you go read it with a link. But we'll also tell you when — and why — we think a report is off-base or the conventional wisdom is wrong."

The Upshot has six writers and two editors and uses reports, comments, URL links and licensed pictures for content covering national and international affairs, politics and media.

“The information is a totally amazing and useful tool that we have at Yahoo. This idea of creating content in response to audience insight and audience needs is one component of the strategy, but it's a big component," James A. Pitaro, vice president of Yahoo Media told the New York Times.