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First Success for Cisco, EMC, VMware Joint Venture

The Virtual Computing Environment coalition (VCE), a joint venture between network giant Cisco, virtualisation software maker VMware and network storage provider EMC, has signed up the first European customer for its first VBlock product, reports IT news website The Register.

UK-based hosted services provider Cobweb Services revealed in a company blog post that it had acquired the VBlock 1 from system integrator firm MTI.

Cobweb CEO Paul Hannam, said in a statement that “The Vblock platform and the relationships that have been developed with EMC, MTI, VMware and Cisco enable Cobweb to widen the range of its ambition as a hosting business.” He also said that the Cobweb was developing a portfolio of cloud-based products for its customers in Europe.

The VBlock 1 sold by MTI uses EMC's CLARiiON storage and VMware's vSphere 4 platform. The purchase came after several months of study by the IT services provider. The VBlock product line combines Cisco UCS servers, EMC storage, VMware hypervisor and Cisco networking solutions all rolled into a single, comprehensive system.