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Apple App Store Is Two Years Old

Yesterday, Apple's popular App Store turned two and has radically changed the way smartphone users interface with their handsets and has sparked a a scramble from Apple's competitors to create something as exciting.

At the last count, the App store, which is part of iTunes, has more than 225,000 applications with more than 40,000 publishers, five billion downloads and has clocked more than $1 billion worth of revenues. It's difficult to believe that when it started on the 10th of July 2008, it had only 500 apps altogether.

As for the future of the App Store, it bodes well. There are rumours about a radical overhaul of the Apple TV platform which could bring apps nearer to home and the success of Apple's newest device, the iPad, means that the App Store, together with iTunes, could be even more critical to Apple's continued success.

The Cupertino-based company needs to carefully balance the demands of its customers, controls over privacy and security as well as competition from Google's Android and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms.