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Ebay Debuts iPhone App For Sellers

Auction powerhouse Ebay has announced the launch of an iPhone specifically targeted at those trying to sell items and manage their listings on the move, something that had sorely been lacking in the first version.

The new iPhone App relies on a barcode scanning to fill out the listing form, thereby saving time and allowing Ebay to claim that customers will be able to list items in less than one minute. Pictures of the item for sale can also be taken via the iPhone's camera and there's even a nifty research sales trends feature.

The original one was launched back in July 2008 and is now available in eight languages and 190 countries. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and allowed users to browse more than 200 million item listings in Ebay.

To promote its iPhone application, Ebay is offering a free listing to online sellers valid until the 29th of July.

Ebay has also announced that it will make its Android App available to Australian, UK and Canada in a bid to generate more revenues from territories outside the US. There are also iPad and Blackberry Apps on offer but curiously, no Symbian one.