Android Market Closing Gap On Apple iTunes App Store

Google's Android Market will soon pass the 100,000 application mark, according to a report by technology website Fudzilla.

The site reports that Android Market currently contains around 90,000 applications, but that statistical analysis carried out by Android news website Androlib shows that if Android Market continues to grow at its current rate , the site will reach 100,000 applications by the end of the month.

Android Market's growth has been spectacular - last year, the store hosted only 7,000 applications. Six months ago the number was still under 25,000. Recent months have seen a flood of applications entering the store.

Only last month, 15,288 applications were submitted to the store. This month, the number is expected to be higher still.

Apple still dominates the mobile application market with 225,000 applications available to users of its iTunes App Store. At its current rate of growth, however, Android Market looks set to significantly close the gap over the next year.