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Apple iDevices get SNES emulator hack

Tired of playing sophisticated 3D games with incredible graphics on your Apple iDevice? Nostalgic for 20-year-old games with real playability?

Well now you can harken back to your youth and play some of the best games of the 20th century on your brand new Apple iDevice, thanks to some jailbreaking jiggery pokery and a new SNES emulator.

Lifehacker has posted a simple tutorial which shows you how to get seminal SNES games like Nintendo's Mario Kart up and running on your iPad (and possibly your iPhone or iPod Touch too), but there are some caveats.

Firstly, you'll have to unlock your device from Apple's omnipotent grip using the Spirit Jailbreak. It only works on devices running OS 3.2 and you'll need a copy of iTunes before the current version 9.2. We should make you aware at this point that fiddling with the innards of your expensive iToy will invalidate the warranty, is probably illegal and will make Steve Jobs very unhappy. Downloading and installing Nintendo ROMs is also legally dubious. You have been warned.

The process is a doddle and requires no special skills or tools, and you'll have to cough up $5.99 for the Cydia emulator app, but you'll be able to play away to your heart's content, even using your Wii Remote as a controller if you're that way inclined.

If you're too young to remember the ground-breaking SNES and wonder why anyone would want to play crappy, sprite-based games which are probably older than you are, it's because there's more to gaming than photo-realistic graphics and multi-weapon carnage.

The simplicity and playability of the best of the SNES back-catalogue has never been surpassed in our book, and Mario Kart is still a country mile better than the dozens of wannabes currently available from the iTunes App Store.

Perhaps it's time someone from Apple made a call to Nintendo and got these classic titles officially ported over to the iPad and its digital brethren. It would give users one less reason to hit the jailbreak button, that's for sure.