Apple issues Time Capsule recall

Apple has issued a worldwide product recall for its Time Capsule wireless back-up hardware dues to power problems.

The company says it will offer replacements or do out-of-warranty repairs free of charge on an undisclosed number of units sold between February and June 2008. The Wi-Fi enabled network drives which have serial numbers in the range XX807XXXXXX - XX814XXXXXX may fail to start up or shut down unexpectedly.

The serial numbers can be found on the grey strip on the base of the unit above a thin bar code. Anyone with a shonky unit can take it back to their local Apple Store but will need to make an appointment with an Apple Genius up front. If you don't live close to one of Apple's temples of consumer excess, you can mail it to an authorised service centre.

Apple reckons it can restore all user data in most cases and says turnaround times are currently running between three and five days.

The warranty extension currently runs for three years after the date of purchase but Apple says it will extend the period if necessary.