ELSPA and TIGA team up to get tax breaks

With the gaming giants threatening to desert the UK, the country's two main games industry bodies, TIGA and ELSPA, have joined forces to persuade the Government to reintroduce video games tax relief.

The new steering committee will be active immediately, and led by TIGA. In addition to the two industry bodies, professionals who know all about law, tax and public affairs have also been drafted in to make the case for tax relief as watertight as possible.

According to the committee, the plan is to revise TIGA's original submission for games tax relief, and enhance the "arguments, evidence and justification" for tax relief in the games sector.

"The UK video games industry is an industry of the future," claimed TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson. "The games industry and policymakers know that the UK does not operate on a level playing field and we are seeing jobs and investment move abroad to countries that offer specific games tax breaks."

Last month, Wilson told THINQ he was sure the new government would eventually reintroduce the proposals for video games tax relief, which were cancelled in the last budget. "Ultimately I'm convinced that we will win this argument," he told THINQ, "it will just take longer than we originally hoped."

The news comes shortly after gaming behemoths Sony and Activision said they were rethinking future investment in the UK, citing tax relief as the main reason. Meanwhile, government officials from Nova Scotia are visiting the UK this week in a bid to drum up investment from UK games publishers looking for a cheaper workforce.