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Google develops an easy to use Android app creator

Google has produced an application creator called ‘App Inventor' that simply allows for the easy creation of Android mobile phone apps, all without the need for any previous experience of developing mobile phone software or for that matter, any knowledge at all of application creation.

This GUI driven tool for Android software has been set up for anyone to use, all without any prior expertise in writing software for phones as the almost drag-and-drop approach to mobile app creation is straightforward.

Anyone developing a Google mobile OS app simply starts out with what the application needs to look like, then bolts-in what the app actually does from simple drop-down menus and App Inventor does all the rest without any coding needing to take place.

This appropriately entitled App Inventor has an extensive library of nearly everything an Android phone can do, with elements that even use GPS, Twitter and also text-to-speech.

Behind Google App Inventor is the open blocks java library for creating visual blocks programming languages, where the compiler translates the visual blocks language for implementation on Android by using the Kawa Language Framework.

See more here and watch the video below

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