Government Wants 10 Million Net Newbies Online

The UK government has launched a 'Networked Nation' scheme aimed at getting 10 million Britons who have never used the internet online by 2015.

Government digital champion Martha Lane Fox said: “Networked Nation is a rallying cry for the 40 million internet users in the UK to help 10 million people who have yet to enjoy the huge benefits of the web.By getting more people online, everyone wins.”

Lane Fox said the scheme would encourage everyone of working age to use the internet to apply for benefits. Applications for school places and free school meals would also be submitted online.

The Telegraph reports that the 'Networked Nation' plan will rely on charities and businesses to get more people online and to create subsidised internet plans for the elderly and those on low incomes.

Job centres and libraries will be encouraged to appoint their own digital champions to help get people online.

Electronics stores will also be encouraged to offer discounts to people who have a passed a basic IT skills test.