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HP Tech Allows User To Access Web Via SMS or Voice

HP Labs India has developed a new cloud-based platform, SiteonMobile, which is set to provide users with easy access to content and web-based transactions.

PC World reports that the technology, first announced in 2008, is designed to break web services down in a series of tasks, which can then be initiated by the user with the push of a button.

Sudhir Dixit, the director of HP Labs India, says that the series of steps required to complete a web task will be incorporated in to a single cloud-based application called TaskLet.

People will be able to create versions of TaskLet for a number of web-based services, such as making hotel reservations or booking air tickets.

He said that mobile phone users in India will be able to receive specific information or complete a web transaction by sending a text message or a calling a number that would initiate an interactive voice response (IVR) system or SMS server in the HP Labs cloud.

Dixit said that 50 per cent of India's 600 million mobile phone users own handsets that do not allow web browsin, and that the technology would allow those who do not have an internet connection to carry out tasks online.