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More than 70 Per Cent of World Have Mobile

More than 70 per cent people in the world subscribe to a mobile connection, according to data recently released by telecommunications company Ericsson.

The company said that the global mobile phone market totalled five billion users, and was growing at the rate of two million new users every day.

The figure of 70 per cent is calculated from data released by the United Nations and US census bureau, which estimates that there are 6.8 billion people on earth.

The company reports that the there were just 720 million mobile subscribers just ten years ago. If the market were to continue growing at the current rate and the global population remained unchanged, everyone in the world would become a mobile subscriber within two and a half years.

Ericsson's research also revealed that there are an estimated 500 million 3G subscribers around the world. According to figures published in the survey, the market for mobile broadband is growing at a similar rate to that for phone subscriptions, with the number of global mobile broadband users reaching 3.4 billion by 2015.