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News@10: iPod Touch Nano, Ebay iPhone App & Channel Five Pull Out Of Project Canvas

Controversial video on demand platform Project Canvas has suffered a setback as Channel Five pulled out of Project Canvas after saying that it no longer considers the BBC-backed project as a "priority investment".

Auction powerhouse Ebay has announced the launch of an iPhone application specifically targeted at those trying to sell items and manage their listings on the move.

Gaming powerhouse Ubisoft claims that 3DTV will be in all UK homes within the next three years boosted by the fact that future gaming consoles, which will be launched during this period, will all have 3D capabilities.

The Virtual Computing Environment coalition (VCE), a joint venture between network giant Cisco, virtualisation software maker VMware and network storage provider EMC, has signed up the first European customer for its first VBlock product,

Several pictures of what seems to be a square touchscreen display have been leaked online by the same guys who brought us images of the first unibody Apple Macbook Pro laptop and the iPhone 4G.