News@5: Apple Recall Faulty Time Capsules, WikiLeaks Denies Closure & PS3 3D Blu-Ray Update

Apple has announced it will either replace or repair faulty Time capsule storage drives sold between February and June 2008 with serial numbers that start XX807XXXXXX or XX814XXXXXX.

More than 70 per cent people in the world subscribe to a mobile connection, according to data recently released by telecommunications company Ericsson. The company said that the global mobile phone market totalled five billion users, and was growing at the rate of two million new users every day.

WikiLeaks has denied reports that it is being abandoned by its parent company. On 10 July, an anonymous message entitled "Wikileaks Website to be Abandoned", attributed to a WikiLeaks insider, was posted on anti-secrecy site Cryptome.

Sony has announced it will release a firmware update for its PlayStation 3 in September that will allow users to watch 3D Blu-ray films on the console and that an update to support 3D photos will follow later in the year.

A California Judge has granted class action status to an anti-trust lawsuit filed against Apple and US wireless firm AT&T over a deal signed between the two to exclusively supply the iPhone in the US.