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Nvidia Releases GeForce GTX 460

Nvidia has released its GeForce GTX 460 graphics chipset, technology news website PC World has reported.

The new GeForce GTX 460 has almost all the power of the high-end GTX 480, but comes at a significantly lower cost.

Nvidia says that the GTX 460 will be available with 768MB of onboard RAM for $199, or a 1GB for $229.

"When I brought the cards back to the lab, one of our summer interns asked me when our next Fermi GPU, the GeForce GTX 460, was going to be available," stated Justin Walker, product manager at Nvidia, in an official blog post while introducing the new GPU.

"He was a big PC gamer and had been saving up all summer for a new graphics card but didn't think he would be able to save enough for a GTX 480. Instead, he knew from testing out an early version of the GTX 460 that he loved its performance - and, of course, its price. When a gamer with access to all the latest graphics cards on the market tells you that he's waiting for the GTX 460 – you know you have something special on your hands."

The 768MB model uses a 192-bit interface, while 1GB chip has an improved 256-bit interface. Both chips come with 56 texture units, 336 CUDA cores and GDDR5 graphics memory.