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Rumours of Wikileaks death greatly exaggerated

Rumours of the impending doom of Wikileaks are part of a campaign against the whistle-blowing outfit, according to an insider.

The original report, which appeared on cryptome, said no more time or effort would be put into maintaining the main Wikileaks web site, and that the outfit would be upping sticks and moving lock stock and smoking barrel to Iceland, a country well known for its liberal attitude towards journalists and their sources.

Since then, a Wikileaks spokesman has responded to a report on The Next Web about the rumoured move, stating, "We just read your story and can basically only make one comment: Do not feed the troll. There is no substance to this posting at all. We will be issuing a press release soon I think in order to address this bulls**t campaign once and for all.”

It's true that Wikileaks has recently registered the domain name, but the outfit controls more than 500 domains and the new Icelandic URL points to the same DNS record as the main domain.

Wikileaks has promised to issue a press release in order to clarify the situation in the next few hours. We'll update you as soon as we have it.