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Spotify For Linux Goes Live

Online music streaming service Spotify has released a native version of its client for the Linux platform, although the release seems to be a beta version that still contains a few bugs.

Interestingly, Spotify has been supporting Linux platforms since the release of iPhone and Android which are both based on the open source operating system although this version is only compatible with x86. You will need to download it from here and Spotify has warned prospective users that this version is not supported.

They added that there are issues "regarding decoding of local music on the Linux platform so we haven’t included support for local files in this version".

Surprisingly, they said that they were not able to come up with a "reliable" way to display ads yet which means that ironically, the Linux version will only be available to Spotify Premium subscribers.

There is already a Getsatisfaction page here where users can submit their complaints and their requests for improvements.

Spotify hasn't said when the final version will be available for download but given the fact that Spotify users have been using the service through WINE for some time already, it wouldn't be surprising if a foolproof version appears towards the end of next month.