Tesco Slashing Price Of Xbox 360 Slim

Grocery giant Tesco has fired the first salvo in what is turning out to be the biggest price war for the few months before Christmas by slashing the cost of the new, yet to be launched Xbox 360 Slim from £200 to £189, a price that not only come with double clubcard points (worth more than £12) but also free delivery.

Tesco says that orders placed before the 15th of July will be delivered on the 16th of July 2010 and those not interested in Tesco clubcard points can still managed to get the gaming console for as little as £184.95 including free delivery from Shopto.

A number of online retailers like HMV and Play have already started taking preorders for the device which carries a suggested retail price of £200.

The new gaming console, which comes with a new design, a bigger hard drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi and native support for Kinect, will cost much less than the PS3 Slim.

Furthermore, given the fact that the Xbox 360 Elite is only marginally less expensive, prospective customers may shun the older Xbox 360 in favour of the new design.

This may mean that prices of existing Xbox 360 gaming consoles may be sold at a loss as Microsoft tries to cut stock to a bare minimum.