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Why 3D TV Won't Be Mainstream By 2013

Ubisoft claimed last week that 3D TV would be mainstream by 2013 in a move that might suggest that the French gaming powerhouse is looking to capitalise on the growing interest that is being generated by 3D hardware and services.

The statement by the head of marketing at Ubisoft sounds a lot like a self fulfilling prophecy as existing 3D content is fairly thin on the ground and unlike HD, there's no easy way of converting flat 2D into 3D content.

So the problem really is to get enough content off the ground to kick start a virtuous circle; great content encouraging more people to buy 3D televisions to view Jaws's nozzle popping out of the screen in full HD to catch a bite of their lounges.

Prices have been falling markedly over the last few months with 40-inch Samsung LCD 3D Television sets now available for less than £850. These still need active 3D glasses to work their magic and these are not cheap.

Ultimately, we expect high end television sets to come with 3D as default over the next few years with the technology trickling down to mainstream devices like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and set top boxes gradually.

But 2013 is too short a deadline for 3D TV to be available in most households in the UK. Bear in mind though that 2013 is one year after the London Olympics and chances are that the 2012 games will be the first ones to be available in 3D.