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£20 WD TV Mini Media Player USB 2.0

An easy, affordable way to supersize your digital media on your big screen TV. Simply connect the player to your TV, plug a USB drive into the player and you're ready to enjoy all your digital media in DVD quality playback, including RealVideo.

Turn your USB drive into a media player - Play DVD-quality content from your USB drive. Optimized for My Passport portable hard drives. Also works with most other USB drives, digital cameras, and camcorders.

Supports an extensive list of file formats - Plays back a wide variety of DVD-quality file formats without the need to transcode, including RealVideo. Supports up to 1080i resolution for crisp HD media playback.

Simple, intuitive user interface - Use the included remote control to navigate smoothly through your entertainment choices using the DVD-like navigation. Supports video chapters, trick modes, and subtitles.

Collect without limits - There's no limit to the size of your media collection; just add more USB drives for more space.

Automatic play - Set the player to play a selected media file automatically when the unit is turned on. Perfect for living art on your HD TV or for digital signage.

Small and portable - Small enough to take with you. Play video at home, at a friend's house or while you're travelling.

Grab this WD TV Mini Media Player USB 2.0 from Misco for a mere £20.