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£360 Motorola Milestone XT720 Android Smartphone

The Motorola XT720 is unashamedly a media phone. Running Google's Android, Motorola have taken an 8 mega-pixel camera and paired it with a Xenon flash (like proper digital camera's), which means it can take amazing photo's in poor light conditions.

Add in HD video recording and top if off with a HDMI port, which lets you connect the XT720 directly to your HD TV.

See an capture more detail. Featuring HD video capture the Motorola XT720 lets your record every detail as it happens. When your done, you can play back your video on the big screen, thanks to the built in HDMI port, allowing direct connection to HD TV's.

Take the perfect picture every time. An 8 mega-pixel combines with a host of technologies, such as shake prevention, Xenon flash, red eye reduction, face filter and more all work together to give you a perfect shot every time you press the shutter.

And when your looking back through your photos, automatic geotagging shows you when and where your shots were taken.

Snap the Motorola Milestone XT720 Android Smartphone from Expansys for a mere £360.