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Apple censors iPhone 4 forum threads

Apple has deleted at least six threads on its official forums which relate to damning evidence provided by independent watchdog Consumer Reports.

As we reported earlier, the customer champion has slapped a big fat FAIL sticker on the iPhone 4 because of its unreliable reception, but the Cupertino Cabal has exorcised any mention of the report from its own discussion threads, preferring to stick its fingers in its ears and shout 'La La La La' rather than admit to having dropped rather a substantial clanger.

Consumer Reports has an enviable reputation for unbiased testing and unflinching reporting even under the glare of all-powerful mega-corporations, although it doesn't exactly specialise in complex consumer electronics. It's bread-and-butter testing is in the household appliance field but no-one from Apple has so far questioned the accuracy of the outfit's findings.

Apparently Apple hasn't heard about web Cacheing but luckily for us, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has.

We have to admit it's sad to see a company like Apple resorting to such underhand tactics, and even sadder that they thought they might get away with silencing the dissent among the ranks of the Mac Faithful.