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Bing and Yahoo Gaining on Google

Recent figures from online market research firm comScore show that Google has continued to lose its share of the search market to Microsoft's Bing and Yahoo.

The figures show Google's US market share has fallen from 63.7 per cent in May to 62.6 per cent in June. According to comScore, this is Google's fourth consecutive monthly fall.

The figures also demonstrate Yahoo's continuing increase in market share since the appointment of CEO Carol Bartz, rising from 18.3 per cent in May to 18.9 per cent in June.

The company's market search share has grown significantly over the year, with comScore figures showing that in February Yahoo held just 16.8 per cent of the search market.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine, aided by a number of search and user interface upgrades, continued to gain market share at the expense of Google. Microsoft's search engine has grown continuously since its launch last year, and has most recently risen from 12.1 per cent in May to 12.7 per cent in June.