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Blackberry Tablet May Support Flash

Adobe may receive an unexpected boost from RIM whose rumoured Blackberry tablet is expected to support its much lauded rich media platform, Flash.

Although RIM has yet to confirm the existence of the device, Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman and Renshaw, provided some hints on the elusive tablet as we mentioned yesterday.

Now Betanews (opens in new tab) writes that sources have confirmed that it will feature Flash compatibility. This correlates with an earlier announcement by Adobe's CEO, Shantanu Narayen, who said that Flash would come to Blackberry in 2010.

Indeed, Flash Player 10.1 was made available in June for the Blackberry platform as well as a host of other mobile environments. Since the Blackberry tablet will come with a Marvell CPU, chances are that Flash will be supported at the hardware level.

Cisco, with the Cius, and Apple, with the best-selling iPad, already have products ready for the corporate market which is where the more lucrative deals are to be made.

The fact that the Blackberry Tablet may become a companion device not unlike the Foleo might prove to be its main unique selling point.

While Palm did not have enough handsets out there to provide the Foleo with a substantial user base, things are different for RIM whose smartphones still hold the majority in the corporate mobile market.

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