BlackBerry to get remote control of handset

Research In Motion has developed a security application for its phones called BlackBerry Protect, where someone will be able to locate a misplaced phone easily or remotely wipe the phones' contents if permanently lost.

This security application from RIM will offer up the ability to track a lost mobile phone, with features available from simply locking the handset down to remotely wiping all of the phones contents.

The free application for BlackBerry mobiles will provide access to a webportal, where all of the features listed above are accessible. It will even be possible to triangulate the missing phone's position by surrounding cell towers, or actually remotely power-on the GPS to aid in the handset's recovery.

BlackBerry Protect will also be able to back-up all of the phone's data into a webportal account, with a view to restore all the information to a new handset if the worst comes to the worst.

All of these abilities are already possible on Apple mobiles and Motorola's MotoBlur Android overlay, but it is the first time it will be available on BlackBerry handsets. At present, BlackBerry Protect is in a private beta where the beta version for the masses is due to arrive later on in the year - according to Research In Motion.

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