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Details Of Blackberry OS 6 Emerge

RIM has published official videos of its next generation Blackberry OS 6 mobile operating systems and provided with a deeper insight on how the Canadian mobile company aims at competing with Android and the iPhone.

The new BOS has a rehauled home screen which should make navigation easier, the user interface has been adapted for full touchscreen smartphones like the Blackberry Storm or for a potential Blackberry tablet device.

Users will also appreciate a new media interface, more social networking features to cater for an increasingly more important consumer audience and context menus plus new applications.

BOS will also see the introduction of a Universal Search feature (which is not unlike Apple's Spotlight) as well a new browser based on the same WebKit browser engine that found its way in Safari and Google Chrome.

Cnet reports that RIM has been "heavily promoting" its Blackberry Messenger application in a bid to increase its usage across existing users. Blackberry to Blacberry instant messaging service is free, which means that you can send and receive messages without eating in your monthly allowance.

The new BOS will be available later this year for new and existing browsers (although it is unlikely that they will all support BOS 6.0). BOS & the new Protect application will possibly be rolled out at the same time across corporate consumers.