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Geo-Tagging Raises Crime Fears

Smartphone owners who use geotagging are worried about loss of privacy, according to a new survey reported on technology news website IT PRO.

The survey, conducted by internet security portal Webroot, is based on the responses of 1,600 social network users with geolocation-capable mobile phones, including 600 from the UK.

“Because we don’t connect to the internet via a single device any more, there needs to be a way to protect the web,” said David Bennett, director of consumer business development for Webroot.

Bennett said that majority of geolocation users are unaware that they can reveal their whereabouts simply by posting a photograph on a social networking website using their smartphone.

This could enable potential burglars not only to see where a person's home is, but also know when someone is away from home - simply by checking online.

Bennett said that although geotagging does not \ctually drive crime, users need to be cautious when posting information onto social networking sites.

He added: “There could be a significant growth in cyber crime with geotagging in the future."