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Microsoft Expands Roll-Out of Intune Remote Management Tool

Microsoft has announced changes to the planned roll-out of its forthcoming remote desktop management tool Intune, which will be launched in 2011.

The company says the cloud-based tool will be available on subscription for $11 per PC, per month. The package will also include anti-malware software (anti-virus and anti-spyware), and upgrade rights to Windows 7 Enterprise.

Previously, the company had said that the product would be made available to 1,000 customers in US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Now the company has announced it plans to expand the programme to 10,000 customers, and include France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, the UK and Italy. Users will be able to test the software on up to five PCs.

Alex Heaton, product manager for Windows Intune at Microsoft, wrote on the Windows Blog that “Windows Intune is a tool that IT pros can buy and use directly, but we expect in many cases partners (IT solution providers) will use it to manage their customers’ PCs.”