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Microsoft Readies Windows Phone 7 For Developers

Microsoft has launched the beta version of Developer Tools for Windows Phone 7, technology news website Gadget Venue reported today.

Andy Lees, senior vice president of Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft announced the beta version of the Developer Tool while addressing the annual Worldwide Partner Conference in Redmond, Washington.

Lees said that full version of the tool kit is almost ready to be released, and has promised that Microsoft will shortly release pre-production preview devices for all developers of Windows Phone 7 applications. Microsoft has said that the preview devices will ship on the 19 July.

Writing on the Windows Team Blog, Paul Byran said: "Applications built with the beta version of the tools will be near-ready to submit to the Windows Phone Marketplace."

"The tools will RTM later this summer, at which time final touches could be added with components announced previously such as Maps, Pivot or Panorama control."