News@5: Analyst Slams Government Facebook Plans & Steve Jobs Named "Smartest CEO In Tech"

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been named the smartest CEO in the world of technology by Fortune magazine. The list, "The 50 smartest people in tech", also features Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt and Alibaba Group CEO Jack Ma.

Facebook is facing a lawsuit filed by a New York web designer claiming to own an 84 per cent share in the company. Paul D. Ceglia has claimed that, according to a contract he signed with Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2003, he is entitled to an 84 per cent share in the social networking website and monetary damages.

A US consumer watchdog has said it cannot recommend anyone buy the iPhone 4. Consumer Reports, which is an independent, non profit reviewer of consumer electronic products, says it does not believe the device can be recommended because of an antenna design flaw that affects phone reception.

Apple products suffer from the greatest number of security vulnerabilities and security flaws are increasing across the market, new research by security firm Secunia shows.

Plans announced by the UK's coalition government to work with Facebook to promote policy ideas have been criticised by a leading Gartner analyst and e-governance specialist Andrea Di Maio.