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OCZ knocks out world's fastest 4GB DDR3 sticks

Overclockers looking to get more than an anaemic dose of RAM have just been given a big present by OCZ. The memory maker has just hammered out a 4GB module that can be clocked at 2133MHz.

The new Flex EX PC3-17000 module has comparatively high latency timings of 10-10-10-30, but only needs the standard application of 1.65V to run at its top speed. As with the company's other Flex EX sticks, the new 4GB modules have a specially designed heatsink that can be hooked up to a water-cooling loop via a connector on each side of the DIMM.

OCZ is also taking this opportunity to introduce a few other high-speed 4GB modules to its various line-ups. These include a 4GB Reaper stick (below), which can run at 2GHz with latency timings of 9-9-9-30. There's also a 4GB Platinum module that can run at 2GHz with latency timings of 9-9-9-24.

OCZ's chief marketeer Alex Mei said," Usually high-speed and high-density don't go hand in hand, but our newly introduced high density 2,133MHz memory solutions are engineered to do exactly that."

The new modules have been unveiled shortly after G.Skill revealed its first 24GB triple-channel memory kit made up of 4GB sticks running at 2GHz. However, OCZ's modules have taken the clock speed to the next step, which the company claims makes them the "world's fastest high-density" sticks.

Explaining the need clock up larger quantities of RAM, OCZ said the new modules ensure "the system RAM will never be the bottleneck during intensive multi-tasking, gaming, or home server environments."

There's no word on pricing or availability yet, but OCZ says the new modules will be available in 8GB dual-channel and 12GB triple-channel kits, and will be backed up by a lifetime warranty. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.