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RIM Unveils BlackBerry Protect Security App

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has unveiled a free security application for its smartphone devices.

The application, BlackBerry Protect, allow users to locate lost or stolen devices over the internet.

The app can display the whereabouts of the phone using GPS, and helps users to locate misplaced devices by activating a loud ringer for a minute if close to the owner. It can also be used to lock the device until the correct password is entered.

Blackberry Protect also comes with advanced back-up features, allowing users to make copies of their files and restore them whenever necessary.

In a statement, Alan Brenner, Blackberry vice president at RIM, said: “BlackBerry Protect is compatible with BIS, but it runs independently and a maximum of five phones can be associated with a BlackBerry Protect account.”

He explained that the application's automatic back-up function can be set to back up files daily, weekly or monthly, and will be able to perform back-ups of contacts, calenders, photographs and browser bookmarks.

"The service will be free and will be available in a multiple languages sometime in the autumn," he added.

BlackBerry Protect is currently available on limited beta release via invitation. It will only works for BIS connected subscribers.