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Six Million Brits Can't See In 3D

UK-based charity Eyecare Trust has claimed that almost 12 per cent of Britons cannot view 3D images due to poor binocular vision.

The charity says that around 6 million people in the UK suffer from headaches after viewing a 3D film, suggesting that they may have poor binocular vision.

The Eyecare Trust explained in a press release that “our brains are unable to correctly process the individual images that are transmitted to it via our left and right eyes.”

"You may not have realised that you have poor binocular vision before, because your brain will often try to compensate for any visual inadequacies," the charity added.

This could mean that new products from companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Samsung, who are planning to launch a number of 3D products over the coming year, may be unsuitable for a large portion of potential customers.

Sony and Samsung are currently promoting new 3D TV technology, while Nintendo is expected to launch its 3DS handheld 3D gaming device in the near future.