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Sony requests PS1 classic wish list for PSN Plus

Epic electronics conglomerate Sony has asked the public for its retro gaming wish list, in a bid to find out which classic PlayStation romps gamers want to see on the PlayStation Plus network.

Over on the PlayStation blog, PlayStation Network manager James Thorpe appealed to the online gaming community to tell him which games they'd like to see on PlayStation Plus in the future. As well as original PlayStation titles, Thorpe also asks which PS3 game demos and mini games Plus subscribers would like to play.

To add your two cents, you just need to put a comment at the bottom of the blog, and Thorpe says he'll trawl through all the suggestions and create a shortlist of titles to be put to the vote. You can directly influence what games are included in Plus," says Thorpe, "so get commenting."

So, if you fancy a retrospective race round the grainy old Wipeout 2097 tracks, losing several months of free time to Final Fantasy VII or wincing at Murray Walker's Formula 1 soundtrack, then take your browser to the blog above. We'd also wager that classics such as Tekken 2, Ridge Racer and Gran Turismo will be popular candidates.

However, Thorpe has already told some commenters that PlayStation 2 games are currently out of the question. "I will follow up on the PS2 question, but I know there are technical issues there that I certainly don't understand," said Thorpe. We assume this is because not every PlayStation 3 is equipped with an Emotion engine, and those that don't would therefore have to play PS2 games using emulation.

Launched at the end of last month, PlayStation Plus (opens in new tab) is an online subscription service for PlayStation 3 owners, giving them access to one-hour trials of several PlayStation 3 games, as well as access to at least four games per month. In the UK, the service costs £39.99 a year, but Sony says this will buy you access to at least £200-worth of gaming goodness. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.