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Technology Making Users Forgetful, Survey Reveals

New research has found that the widespread use of technology is damaging human memory, UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph reports.

The survey, conducted by Michael Lynch of Credit Card Protection company (CCP), has found that as people now store contact details in phone memories, they believe that there is no need to remember them. Lynch has dubbed the problem “numerical amnesia”.

The statistics show that 47 per cent of the 2,000 UK adults surveyed cannot remember their partner's phone number, while 61 per cent are unable to recall their best friend's number.

A further 45 per cent could not remember their parents' contact information.

CPP’s Michael Lynch said: “It shows that people are so heavily reliant on their mobile phones that they’d be lost without them. And even if not caught in an emergency situation, our research shows that over four in ten victims have admitted that they’ve lost contact with friends when they’ve lost or had their phones stolen.”