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Windows Phone 7 also gets remote control

A day after we brought you news that Research In Motion has developed a security application for its phones known as BlackBerry Protect, Microsoft has made public a similar set of features will be in Windows Phone 7.

These native abilities to the mobile OS are comparable to Apple's FindMe features and now BlackBerry Protect, in which we will be trialling out soon. Where this ability of Windows Phone 7 will differ is in the cost, as apparently this will be free and part and parcel of the mobile OS where FindMe does carry a price.

Microsoft has a web based portal known as SkyDrive for accessing these security features, which also allows for 25GB of data to be stored. Services such as locating of the missing phone, locking the device or remotely wiping all the data will be possible in much the same way as BlackBerry will offer.

All of this closely mirrors services that also accompany Motorola's Android overlay known as MotoBlur, where it appears nearly every iteration of a mobile OS could now have these features although they are depended on the handset manufacturer.


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