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Android enjoys a night at the Opera

Opera Mini 5.1 has been launched for all Android mobile phones offering cheaper, faster browsing for anyone on a restrictive data plan.

Opera Mini has a little trick up its sleeve which means that complex web sites are compressed on the company's own servers which can make a huge difference if you are trying to browse full-blown sites on your mobile device.

Opera reckons its mobile software has over 61 million users worldwide, but we suspect that figure is the amount of people who have downloaded it rather the number who use it on a daily basis.

Most users will elect to use a fully-featured browser rather than Opera Mini's compromise of speed over accuracy, unless of course they are, as we mentioned earlier, stuck with a restrictive data plan, or using wallet-worryingly costly roaming data.

“Opera Mini 5.1 for the Android platform is the next step in bringing the world’s most popular mobile web browser to all major platforms," said Opera diva Lars Boilesen, apparently keeping a straight face and ignoring all of the available data.

Opera Mini can be downloaded for free from the Android Market from today.