China Moves To End Net Anonymity

The Chinese government is looking to reduce internet anonymity in the country by making it mandatory for people to use their real names when going online or purchasing mobile phones.

The Associated Press reports that the director of the State Council Information Office, Wang Chen, had announced that there was a need to improve the censorship controls exercised by the government in cyberspace.

Wang's announcement was only briefly reported upon when first made in April, but the New York-based Human Rights in China has found the full transcript showing Beijing to be wary that increased censorship may prove unpopular.

The group claims Wang to have said: "We will make the Internet real name system a reality as soon as possible, implement a nationwide cell phone real name system, and gradually apply the real name registration system to online interactive processes."

The Chinese Communist government has said that its attempt to further intensify its control on the internet may result in a backlash from the global internet community, but has demanded others respect its internet sovereignty.