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Credit card size mobile phone unveiled

An Israeli mobile phone company has just launched in the UK the Modu 1, which is a small phone that can be placed in a number of different fascia or cases to offer up different functionality. There are many modules on offer, all to suit various tastes and styles that also change the initial phone completely.

The Modu 1 only has the dimensions of 72.1mm in height, 37.6mm in width, whilst it’s only 7.8mm thick with a weight of 40.1 grams. An actual credit card comes in around 53.9mm in height and 85.6mm in length, with the Modu 1 undercutting those dimensions by some margin and has entered the Guinness Book of Records due to its size and weight.

There are 12 different cases currently available for the Modu 1, which dramatically changes the whole look of the handset and its functions. These range from sporty designs with a pedometer to a night fascia with a 3.2MP camera, all starting from around £30 and moving up to £50 with the cost of the phone being around £143 with a case.

The phone is accompanied by a 1.3-inch OLED screen, with tri-band connectivity and has features such as 2GB of memory, an mp3 player, Bluetooth 1.2 with a proprietary OS and a 7-key pad design.

This modular style of phone is an interesting concept, where each case the Modu 1 can be bolted into offers up different abilities and there is even a 5-inch photo frame, which can play video files from the handset.

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