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Crucial promises easy SSD migration

It's all very well saying an SSD is quicker than your average clunky hard drive, but upgrading your primary storage source isn't as easy as simply plopping in some more RAM. You also have the fun of reinstalling all your software, which is why Crucial has decided to make your life easier with its new Data Transfer Kits.

Designed to take away the hassle of faffing around with reinstalling Windows, as well as putting on all your software again and copying your files across, the new kits enable you to do the whole migration job with just a few clicks.

The new kits are available with Crucial's line of RealSSD C300 drives, including the cut-price 64GB drive (opens in new tab) the company revealed last month. In the box, you'll find a disc containing the disk cloning software, as well as a SATA-to-USB cable for you to hook up the SSD to a USB port. The latter will be particularly useful for owners of laptops, where there isn't usually room for more than one hard drive in the chassis.

According to Crucial, the cloning software makes an exact image of your existing hard drive, meaning you get a copy of everything, including your "operating system, data, email settings, applications and more."

The senior worldwide SSD product manager of Lexar Media (which owns Crucial), Rob Wheadon, claimed that "after pushing SSD performance to new levels with technical innovations, we turned our attention to simplifying the upgrade process for users."

Wheadon describes the Data Transfer Kits as a "convenient, start-to-finish solution," which enables "users to get their Crucial RealSSD C300 products up and running in three easy steps." The steps are simply hooking up the drive via USB, running the cloning software and then swapping your old hard drive for your super-fast new SSD.

Crucial's RealSSD C300 SSDs feature a 6Gb/sec SATA interface, and Crucial claims they can reach read speeds of up to 355MB/sec.

The Crucial RealSSD C300 Data Transfer Kits are available now from Crucial's website (opens in new tab), costing £135.11 for a 64GB drive, £333.69 for a 128GB unit and £612.16 for the full-size 256GB beasty. Bear in mind that the write speeds also increase as the capacity goes up. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.