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GFI Security Acquires Sunbelt

Security software firm GFI Security has acquired Sunbelt Software to help develop security software for on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

The companies told news site Businessweek that they would be working together to integrate their product portfolios in order to offer comprehensive security services for enterprise infrastructures.

The CEO of Sunbelt, Alex Eckelberry, said in a statement: “No specific plans have been made yet in terms of product integration strategies, but we are working with the GFI team to identify areas where their technologies would complement our offerings.”

Eckelberry believes that the merger with GFI will bring capital and advanced management expertise to Sunbelt, allowing the company to deliver its products to consumers across the global marketplace.

Walter Scott, CEO of GFI said: "We see this investment in Sunbelt and its VIPRE technology as an excellent opportunity to increase our installed base, drive the software globally through our international partner channel and also build our consumer market."