Google Researcher Provides Insight On Google me Facebook Competitor

Paul Adams, an employee who works on user interfaces at Google, has released a presentation that gives an idea of where Google may be heading in its quest to build Google Me, the potential competitor to social networking behemoth Facebook.

The 216-page document, which is available here, explores the many facets of human interaction when people use social media and pays particular attention to the differences between social networks online and offline.

Interestingly, Adams does not shy away from including competitors like Facebook and Twitter from the conversation and used real-life stories like the possibility of 10-year old kids viewing inappropriate pictures via Facebook to illustrate issues that occur on social networks.

Arguably, putting the content in perspective gives a rather interesting snapshot of where Google, or at least some Google employees, want social networking to head.

We've already written on how Google could potentially rebrand Orkut as Google Me and throw in some killer features like Google Friend Connect, Mail, Voice, Buzz, Wave, Picasa, Latitude or Youtube, yet this would be thoroughly underestimating the complexity of human interaction as rightly underlined by Adams.

What we now need is not another Facebook competitor but a better social ecosystem altogether and Google seems to be working very hard at building one. Pay particular attention at the part that describes how real world social networks work.