iPhone 4 recall talk hits Apple shares

Apple shares have suffered a four-point hit after rumours of a possible recall of the iPhone 4 surfaced.

The following transcription of a call one anonymous trader fielded last night gives a possible clue as to what's going on...

A: Hello?

A: Hello?

A: Hello!

B: Hello.

A: Hello, I'd like to sell some shares

B: Hello, sorry you want to sell me some chairs?

A: No, my Apple shares, I want to sell them.

B: Hello? Sorry hello? Ah, what Apple? Ah, iPhone 4? Listen.

B: Hello.

A: Hello. Yes I want to sell my shares.

B: Ah the chair salesman.

A: No! shares. Apple shares.

B: You're the one with an iPhone 4

A: Yes, how did you know?

B: I'm having trouble hearing you, sir.

A: Ah.

B: But we have a solution. Take the phone between thumb and forefinger And place it up against the wall. Then take a hammer and six-inch nail and nail it to the wall sir. We shall be able to talk then.

A: Are you sure?

B: Certainly sir.

A: Hello?

B: Hello sir.

A: Yes I'd like to sell my shares in Apple.

B : Certainly sir, and how many would sir like to dispose of...