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Microsoft To Offer Zune Integration With Windows Phone 7

Users of Windows Phone 7 will be able to use Zune from launch according to Andy Lees, the Microsoft SVP of mobile communications, a feature that would allow the beleaguered platform to compete more effectively with Android and the iPhone.

More specifically, WP7 phone owners would be able to access and manage music, video, high resolution photos and other files through Wi-Fi through what Aaron Woodman from the Windows Team blog called a Music + Videos hub.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Microsoft decides to throw Zune Pass in the foray. This service, which provides unlimited music on a subscription basis, is limited to the US for the time being and has yet to be announced elsewhere.

There will also be a Games hub that will feature Xbox Live and other gamer content. We're not sure whether Microsoft intends to use WP7 as a gaming platform at one point although this is a very distinct possibility given the clues that Apple is peppering around.

Ultimately, Microsoft is aiming to create a platform that spans across several screens seamlessly, something that Google is also trying to create with Google TV, Android tablets, smartphones and other devices.