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Mobile Contracts Cancellation Clauses Need To Be Clearer Says CPP

Research carried out by the Communications Consumer panel showed that more than half of customers who buy a mobile phone package are not provided with enough information about their rights to cancel should they be dissatisfied with their network quality of service.

The report called Can I cancel? says that agents acting for the mobile phone operators provide with complete details about cancellation policies to only 44 per cent of those who were surveyed.

Anna Bradley, chair of the CCP, said in a statement that "Consumers have a right to get accurate and consistent information at the point of sale when they ask legitimate questions about coverage and cancellation policies. Staff often struggle with so many different company policies and communicate them inaccurately to customers".

The CCP wants all mobile phone networks to offer a full 14 days cancellation period. At the moment, all mobile phone operators, bar Orange, offer the right to cancel their mobile contract if they are not satisfied with the service.

Ms Bradley stressed that users must be given enough time to test whether network coverage in a number of places is adequate before committing to a long mobile phone contract that could prove to be very expensive and useless.