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New Xbox 360 Slim Arcade To Sport 4GB Onboard Storage

Amazon Germany has listed a cut-down version of the soon-to-be released Xbox 360 Slim gaming console, one which is presented as a 4GB Arcade System Bundle which should ship around the 20th of August.

The date coincides with the Gamescom gaming conference in Cologne which leaves us to believe that this slimmed down version will be launched during that event.

It is unknown whether the memory will be built in or available as a USB Flash drive. The console will apparently be sold for 149.99 Euros while the full version will carry a suggested retail price of £199.99 ($199.99 in the US).

Since the new Arcade will replace the current SKU, one can expect the RRP of £159.99 to stay around, which is around £35 more than the German price.

But expect significant price cuts to occur at launch; the Xbox 360 Slim with a 250GB can be had for as little as £185 from the Hut with free delivery.

The new Xbox Slim Arcade would be a direct competitor to the Nintendo Wii gaming console.