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Phantom emails plague iPhone 4 users

iPhone 4 users have been reporting phantom emails appearing in their in boxes.

The mysterious mails, which appear with 'No Sender' in the from line and 'No subject' in the subject line are causing much annoyance as they cannot be read or deleted in the normal way.

The emails also invoke normal push notifications, including audible alerts and vibration, fooling twitchy iPhone users into thinking they have new messages, sometimes in the early hours of the morning. Which is really irritating for anyone on 24-hour call out.

A lively thread on Apple's own forums indicates that this is not an isolated incident with multiple pages of frustrated iPhone fans offering multiple fixes and workarounds ranging from doing a clean install of iOS4 to power cycling the handset.

Many of these fixes remove the messages temporarily, but most posters are saying that the issue soon reoccurs.

Some are suggesting that the problem may stem from users who are forwarding emails from Gmail accounts but at time of writing we have not been able to confirm this. The phantom mails certainly don't appear in Gmail or any of the other Webmail accounts which forward messages to our MobileMe account.

The simplest solution we have found, although it remains to be seen whether the blasts from the past will come back to haunt us, is to remove the Mail App from the multitasking bar. Which is certianly less of a pain than wiping the entire handset.

We'll let you know if the ghost in the machine returns.