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Symbian Mobile Platform Heading For Disaster Says Gartner

Gartner Vice President and analyst Nick Jones has published a rather stern post on the official blog of the website that compares Symbian's current mobile strategy to re-arranging the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic.

More specifically, Nick Jones identifies Android, rather than Windows Phone or iOS4, as the iceberg set to sink Symbian. He identified that Symbian, as a whole, is losing market share at an accelerating pace with Android being the main winner.

He also zeroed on user interface as the weakest part fo the Symbian 3 experience, something that the Symbian Foundation should be concentrating on and allocate the necessary resources to it rather than spending it elsewhere.

Jones's criticisms were directed at Symbian 3, not Symbian^4 and although Nokia opensourced Symbian, it still pulls many strings. Furthermore, the fact that Nokia has penned a strategic partnership with Intel over the development of another alternative mobile platform, Meego, will almost certainly have an impact on priorities.

Symbian, Jones adds, is somewhat of a hostage to Nokia with the latter not taking user experience seriously enough. He noted though that the 150 or so other members of the Symbian Foundation should have done a better job of promoting the platform as a whole.

What Jones failed (or declined) to say though is that in losing Nokia as the main driving force, Symbian has become a ship with a weak or absent leadership, one where its own members, the likes of Sony Ericsson or Vodafone, has their own agendas.